Life As It Is

Shorts…In October

The other day, I had to work late and my mom picked my son up from school for me. Around 4:30, maybe 5, I got the text message with a picture from my mother that she had him and was on the way to her house. After I got off work I headed to my mom’s to get my son and get ready for class.

When I walked in the house, my mother was standing there with the raw lemon tart face. So I just waved and went to my son. I gave him a kiss and asked him how was his day. Before he can even answer, my mother interrupts.

“When I picked him up, he was in shorts!” She paused and looked at me. I guess she was waiting on me to say Oh my gosh or Whaaat!! or maybe even No they didn’t?

I just looked at her and calmly said, “Okay?”

So she repeated with a full neck roll, “In shorts!!” Then she paused again.

“Okay,” I calmly replied. At this point, I’m fighting a smile.

“And wet. He was in shorts and wet. So I asked the teacher, you’re going to send him out in the cold with shorts on and wet. Then I asked her why was he in shorts in the first place.” By this time her full anger was showing. My mother is not a light woman but she was turning a little red.

“Did they say why he was in shorts?” I already had a feeling as to why, but I just wanted to make sure someone explained this to my mom. I know I had a smirk on face despite trying not to.

“They said because he spilled water on his clothes.” she paused again. This time when I didn’t get as enraged as she did she became angry at me. She screamed, “You know what, no one cares about this child but me!” And she stormed off waving her hands in the air.

My son looked at me confused then went back to coloring in his book. I went to his bag and looked in and there were three Ziploc bags of soiled clothes with reasons why they were soiled and the time they got soiled written on the bag. Now I’m giggling to myself a little bit. The school did nothing wrong, he just so happened to soil all of his outfits for the day.

Any parent that sends their child to school or daycare knows that you have to send extra outfits in case they soil the ones you sent them in. The one-year-old class at my son’s school requires three extra outfits, he went through three.

The three outfits for this particular day were two extra long sleeve outfits with long pants and a short set. Yes, shorts in October. Here in the south it can still get rather warm if not downright hot during the day even if the morning starts at 45 degrees. I don’t want my son to be outside in 80 degree weather in a flannel shirt. He plays hard and it’s almost impossible to get him to stop, especially if other children are still playing. To make this easier for him, for the school, and easier on my mind, I send a short set in his bag. On a warm day they usually just change his shirt, but sometimes they change the whole outfit.

Makes sense, right?

Have you ever tried explaining something about your child to your mother. It never works. All you seem to hear back is, I raised you or you don’t know anything (maybe not quite as harsh or as blunt). Well, I tried to explain why there were shorts in the bag to begin with, but that just seem to enrage her even more.

Long story short, I had to go the school to ensure that she could not disenroll my child from the school. She’s still mad at me. She sent me a text today that said have Monte (my 1 year old) call her. I’ve been laughing for days about this.

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