Tales From the Toddler

Pop Goes the Bubble

There it was. The purple bottle of absolute joy. It sat on the shelf just slightly out of his reach. He extended his arms yet only the fingertips could touch the sacred bottle. Again he reached with all his might, this time rising to his toes. Success.

With the bottle in hand, he tore through the house. “Momma,” he called searching room to room. “Momma?” He stood in the kitchen, perplexed. How is she not in the kitchen? She is always in the kitchen. Then it dawned on him. The bedroom. Sometimes, she goes in the bedroom. Little feet pitter patter down the hall.

“Momma!” he yelled as he turned the corner with excitement. “Bubble?”


Liberated from doubt of the word NO, a scream of joy escaped from the child. The gods have shown him favor on this day. As if Hermes himself touched his feet, he ran towards the living room shaking the purple canister with delight. She followed extending her hand for the container. She opened the cap and extended the wand. A weapon for joy forged by Hephaestus. She held the wand to her lips and it began. The rain of bubbles began.

He howled as he attacked each orb. Yelling incoherently and spinning in a circle. The rain of bubbles continued and his madness grew. Dionysus had a hold  on him that could not be shaken by any mere mortal. It would take a demigod. The bubbles poured down relentlessly as he spun in a circle trying to catch them. Laughter and shrieks filled the air.

The onslaught of bubbles lasted almost twenty minutes. The wand placed back in the canister and set back on the shelf. His madness not yet tamed, he roared as Cerberus does when a soul tries to escape his resting place. The madness now accompanied by anger lashed out at the shelf. Lashed out at the couch. And began to lash out at her.

He looked her in the eye and was unable to finish the final blow. With that one gaze. The madness was gone. The only thing that can stop a child held by Dionysus is the gaze of a demigod. For a woman passes in labor to be reborn as Momma. Momma the Divine. Momma the Powerful. Momma the Protector. Momma the Healer. Momma the Wise.

With that one gaze, came calm.

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