Tales From the Toddler

And So It Begins

Night has fallen and the darkness seeps through the house. The only lights are the nightlight in the child’s room and the small lamp on an end table in the living room. In the lamp’s light is a small blanket, a book, and a mug. The mug seems as if it is waiting on the silver kettle on the stove to whistle just for it. In waiting, the noise of the silence becomes deafening. The rattling of the clothes dryer begins to fills the air. Better.

Monte, the boy, was put to bed an hour ago. Walking close to his room, the sounds of deep breathing can be heard. Success. A sleeping child before the hour of 10 PM. Whistle. The kettle beckons the mug sitting on the end table. The mug answers the call and fills itself with Earl Grey tea. The warmth of the tea drives out the stress of the day. The couch looks inviting and some invitations should not be declined. But no invitation would be accepted on this night.

A noise, soft and quick comes from the hall. Nothing can be seen in that direction. Sip. This tea needs milk. The fridge door opens and there is that sound again. Nothing from the living room, nothing from the hall. A quick check of the front of the house yields nothing. It must be the night. The night tends to speak to the mind without the permission of the person, especially after watching a film of horror.

As the milk pours, a sensation is felt in the leg. What could this be? It moves, it grips, it pulls. Fear strikes the heart and body. The body begins to pull in opposition. The heart begins to race. What foul monster has lurked into this dwelling? A sound breaks the fear. So simple, so familiar.


Monte. Why is this child out of bed? Why is Monte moving so quietly in the night? Slow the heart. Hug the child. The warmth of this hug could melt stress better than any tea. Ushered back to bed steering clear of the toys that have been moved from their homes. Playing? Silent playing? How can this be? Eyes on the child until sleep takes him again. Tea in bed this time, this seems like a much better plan.

Y’all, my baby scared the mess out of me tonight. I didn’t even know he could get out of the bed on his own.

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