Late Night Thoughts


In this wonderful thing of life, things happen. Horrible things that you only read about. Things that were never supposed to happen to you. They could never happen to you, right? These are things you hear about on the news or through a friend. You rationalize, they shouldn’t have done this or they should have done that. Then it happens to you.

You sit there in disbelief, in an almost frozen void. Trying to find rationale to the situation. Nothing makes sense. How could it happen to you? You were careful, you were good. You are good. Why? Why, you?

Breathe. Take a moment and breathe. This is not happening to you. This is just happening. This is just a moment in time. Breathe.

We must remember, life is built of nothing but moments. Some seem to be too short and some seem to never end. But in the end, they are moments. This is not your eternal fate, this is not your end. This is just a moment that is happening.

Breathe through the moment. Cry through the moment. Laugh through the moment. Whatever you do, get through the moment. Don’t live in a moment that has passed. Remember it, cherish it, visit it if you must. But don’t live there.. You’ll miss the next moment and it may be the most beautiful moment yet.

A reminder to myself…

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